• Dean's House is a residence for alcoholic and/or chemically dependent men over the age of 18 seeking recovery.

  • Prior to admission we require an initial interview over the phone or in person to assess the needs of each resident.

  • All guests must be medically cleared from a detox residence before entering our 12-step program. We will require a urine/breathalyzer upon admission.

  • Payment for first month plus an initial move in fee is required upon first day of admission.

  • We highly recommend a 6-8 month stay at our residence because that is where we see the highest success rate of recovery within the 12 steps.

  • We are not a detox or a medical facility nor do we employ health care professionals, therapists, or social workers.

  • Deans house is a recovery retreat designed to help individuals struggling with addiction to achieve life time recovery through the twelve steps. We use educational coursework, drug testing supervision and a highly structured regime to teach residents how to maintain and achieve long term sobriety.